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Public space - Art - Design - Projects by Kristina Kanaan

Kristina Kanaan specializes in sculpture, installation, painting and design. She expresses Contemporary Art in concepts. Sometimes touching political and social subjects, sometimes poetic works full of lightness arised in different materials such as stone, metal, ceramics, wood, glass and paper. Nature is the greatest source of inspiration for the artist, especially the element earth or water. The infinity, the color variety and diversity of tones of recurring movement fascinates her and finds expression in her stonework (for example her paintings or sculptures like Moments - Snapshots of moving water transformed in stone - the substance of the prima materia). Often her sculptures are models for bigger works such as art in architecture.

While walking she collects archaic materials such as sand, soil and limestone, mix them in the artistic process with paint and apply them on her canvas. They are literally preserved on the bases surface and so keep their natural and ethereal character.

Exhibitions include Austria, China, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Malta, Spain and Sweden.