The feeling of growing inside and out




Pietra di Vicenza, iron

Exhibited at the Palazzo dei Capitani, Town Hall, Ascoli Piceno, 2009

Exhibited at the Rotary Club Meeting, Ascoli Piceno, 2009

In the midday sun of San Benedetto del Tronto, on a summer day, the camera captures part of a sculpture made of iron rods, along with its shadow. After this fast shot, the day continues with a leisurely stroll on the beach.


Not so much the sculpture as the action constitute the preliminary phase of "Fiore". In fact, sand and debris found on the shore of the sea, go on to form a new image, the new image becoming substance.


The initial photographic snapshot, through various steps, is converted into a painting.

Slowly the image acquires its own autonomy and by the application of the collected material becomes artwork to all effects.


"A genesis - as Cristina Petrelli writes - that gives life to a delicate and ethereal artwork, that crystallizes a memory while keeping the shadow immaterial from which it partially derives."