OCCHIO - Eye of the whale, an alert!

Travertine stone - exhibited all year long at the open air Gallery

Jonathans Way - Molo Sud, San Benedetto del Tronto, 2010

Text: Cristina Petrelli - Translation: Charles Gatt

Photoshow “The birth of an artwork” - Photos from Gianfranco Marzetti


My intervention here reflects my relationship with the surface of the rock. I left it exactly as it is partially smooth and straight. The other part I worked on making it smooth and rounded off like that of a river pebble. Through this operation there emerges the form of the eye of a whale. You watch and you are being  observed. In italian language the title is already an expression of alertness: OCCHIO! (Attention). I want to express an exchange that becomes the link between the viewer and the object, between man and animal, between element and element. Unification takes place again. The contemplative and the decorative coexist, becoming a symbol of life itself. As an organ of sensory perception, the eye indicates supervision, but it is also a symbol of light, knowledge, omniscience, the transcendental wisdom. It is the beginning and the end: it is God.

I have chosen the eye of the largest mammal in the world as a source of inspiration and I would like to dedicate this monument to "Tokyo Two": Junichi Sato & Toru Suzuki of Greenpeace.


Prayer intellect combined to the intuition leads me to be hostile towards the idea of a society, which is alienated by television and the media. Man seems to look for nothing more than the superficial. This vision provokes me to challenge this situation. Without losing my sensibility, I hope to give an interpretation of my relationships with the environment. I want to express the sculptural image of the symbiotic relationship between matter and concept, between tradition and technology. Rising above individual action I hope to come into contact with the eternal passage of time.

I feel the immense power of the sea in every drop of water. In this place the water encounters the millennial rocks in an embrace that is ideal reunion. A literary reference to the work by Jonathan Livingston makes you discover the world beyond the horizon in search of wisdom, understanding that: "You can get what you really want."